Our Team

A good result and satisfied patient not only depend on successful surgery. In order to deliver my services I rely on friendly administration staff, skilful anaesthetists and capable surgical assistants. Besides the postoperative rehabilitation plays a major role for a full recovery and in most cases you need to see a physiotherapist or hand & occupational therapist.

I feel privileged to cooperate with a number of dedicated professionals on various levels and would like to introduce them as someone who you might get in contact with during your treatment under my care..

Practice Manager

Anaesthetist (Rivercity Anaesthesia)

Hand Therapist & Occupational Therapy


  • Darryl Meares
    Darryl Meares

Surgical Assistant

  • Dr Ozren Didovic
    Dr Ozren Didovic
  • Dr Gordon Ding
    Dr Gordon Ding
  • Dr Stacey Compton
    Dr Bonnie McRae

I would also like to mention the nursing staff that will accompany you during your journey in the preoperative area, operative theatre, recovery ward and peripheral ward. They are too many to mention individually but I would like to assure you that you will meet highly motivated people at each and every station.