Surgery Fees

In order to fully understand the costs associated with any proposed surgical procedure, it is important to Dr Rhau that patients receive the best information available and therefore Dr Rhau goes to great lengths to provide an accurate estimate of the likely medical costs associated with your in-hospital procedure. Where possible (except in the event of an emergency) Dr Rhau will provide an Estimate of Fees.

In most instances the Estimate of Fees will outline the costs associated with Dr Rhau’s own professional services, however will not include services provided by other doctors, such as Anaesthetists, Surgical Assistants or pathologists, or other costs associated with your planned treatment such as accommodation, pharmacy, physiotherapy or prosthesis utilised during surgery.

Estimated Fee: This is Dr Rhau’s private surgical fee to perform the proposed procedure.

Medicare Rebate: This will outline the medical rebate applicable to the relevant procedure (i.e. the portion payable by Medicare).

Fund Rebate: This is the portion paid towards the procedure by your private health fund and is largely determined by your level of cover. The rebate outlined in our Estimate of Fees is based on full private health cover. If you are uninsured, have a ‘bed only’ or “accident” level of private health cover, the rebate you receive from the private health fund may not apply or be considerably less than quoted. In these instances the rebate from Medicare and/or the private health fund will range between 75-100% of the Medical Benefits Schedule.

Gap (Out of Pocket): Where the Medicare and private fund rebates do not cover the entire cost of the medical service, the ‘Gap’ represents the part of the cost which you, the patient, will pay yourself. Despite efforts by the Dr Rhau to minimise the known ‘gap’ payable by patients, the out of pocket cost is largely determined by which health fund you are a member of. Based on the health fund information provided to the practice, the out of pocket cost outlined in the Estimate of Fees is the amount you will be required to pay yourself.

Other Medical Fees: You will need to contact the Hospital and the Anaesthetist directly to ascertain their fees and charges. Should you wish to obtain a quotation for your Anaesthetic please contact the office during business hours of the Dr indicated below who will be your attending Anaesthetist on the day of your procedure. Please quote the item number/s as outlined in the attached estimate.

Assistant: A “medical surgical assistant” is a qualified doctor who assists Dr Rhau during an operation, providing a skilled second pair of hand. The Assistant involved will forward an invoice to you independent of my own procedural fee. The Assistant’s fee is based of the Medicare guideline of 20% of Dr Rhau’s invoice. In most instances, you will receive an estimate from the Assistant and a ‘gap’ may also apply to this account.

How will I be charged and how should I pay? You will be issued an invoice at the time of booking your procedure which will be required to be paid in full 24 hours prior to your surgery. Dr Rhau accepts cheque, electronic transfer or credit card (Mastercard/Visa). The Practice Coordinator, at your request can then forward this receipt electronically to Medicare and your health fund to obtain your rebate directly to your bank account. Alternatively we can post this and you can take the invoice to Medicare /Health Fund for a rebate. You should receive a rebate directly into your bank account within 10 business days.

Should you have any further questions in relation to your proposed procedure or the associated fees, please contact the Practice Coordinator on .