Consultation Fees

In Rooms Consultations

Initial consultation: A higher fee is charged when you come for your first visit as I will need extra time for this visit in order to take a medical history and obtain information about your condition.

Subsequent consultation: A lower fee is charged when you attend for your second visit as less time is usually needed once I am familiar with your condition.

Post-operative: The cost of a post-operative consultation is included in the operation fee. The period this applies to can vary according to the surgery, and is determined by the Medicare Benefits Schedule. The post-operative period can range from 2 – 8 weeks and varies considerably.

Extra costs: You may be required to have a splint applied. In the event this is necessary, you will be referred to have this applied which will incur additional fees independent of my own.

How will I be charged and how should I pay? You will be required to pay in full at the time of your visit. You may pay with cash, EFTPOS or credit card (Mastercard/Visa). You will need to pay the whole cost of the consultation and we then electronically lodge your account with Medicare on your behalf.

What should I bring? You will need a referral letter from your GP. This is very important, as it tells me what you have been sent for, and may give extra important information such as your illnesses or medications. Without a referral letter from your GP you will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate.